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U.V. Laserjet Date Coder

Model】Maticjet W80 

  The perfect datecoding solution for HDPE/LDPE bottles, pipes and sheets etc. especially the white ones. 

  Needless of changing consumables over regular production, minimizing line downtime;

   Water cooling laser device, almost no downtime unless planned;

   Datecoding from any direction at any position freely!



  Please see the operation video as below. 

Product Display


    Maticjet U.V. laserjet date coder is a competitive product made to outcompete the existing European and American brands of U.V. laserjet date coders. With the same stability and durability, Maticjet U.V. laserjet offers a better performance at lower cost. Why not to make a try?


    Laserjet Machine Materials: full aluminium (Including machine rack)

  Repeated Precision: 0.01mm

  Coding Speed: 0~100m/min. (Depending on specific materials)

  Total weight: 38Kg + 30Kg

  Working Environment Requirement: Ambient tempreature 0℃ - 45℃; Humidity≤ 95%;no freezing; no vibration.

  Laser Device: Diode Pumping (RFH LASER)

  Laser Power: ≥4W

  Laser wave length: 355nm

  Coding Speed: ≤ 7000mm/s

  Main Control: highly integrated main board with 10 inch touchscreen

  Operation System: WIN CE

  Cooling Method: Water cooling

  Focus Camera Head: focus 138mm

  Coding Type: both point matrix and vector

  Minimun line width: 0.03mm

  Repeated Positioning Precision: 0.01mm

  Coding Range: 110mm * 110mm (Optional)

   Positioning Method: Red light focus positioning

   Coding words/marks lines: arbitarily as long as within the coding range

   Coding Speed: 0~100m/min. (Depending on specific materials )

   Typeface: any English/Chinese and number standard typeface database


   Power Supply: 220V

   Total machine power: 600W

    Machine Net Weight: 38Kg

   3 Dimensional Rack Net Weight: 30Kg

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