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Maticline Drinklab Solutions
Developing your drink idea into an actual product and more…
About Us
DrinkLab is a division of Maticline Industries limited in China. DrinkLab was founded with start-ups and established beverage companies seeking for an upgrade or expansion in mind, with the sole mission of helping them fast track the process of developing their own beverage line in the most cost effective and professional way.
We have created a process, which has been refined by our many years of experience in the industry to add value to our clients business. Each client is provided with the support, attention, and consulting that they need to efficiently launch a beverage brand that shines in the market.
Whether you have a fabulous idea for a tasty new beverage or you want to upgrade and expand on your existing beverages company, Maticline DrinkLab Technology Team will work closely with you and share our invaluable expertise and experience to ensure the success of your beverage business.
Formulation Process (Ideation)
Costing Analysis (Identifying Limitations & Opportunities)
Fine Tuning Flavors (Sampling Stage, Prototypes)
Supply of Key Ingredients (Tops Quality at competitive Prices)  
Technical & Machinery Support (Know-How, Manufacturing)
Guidance on Brand Development ( Marketing )
Our Process
Product R&D

1. Beverage recipe R&D,based on consumer preference of your target market and available locall raw materials

Brand Planning

1. Analyze your market and understand your consumer behavior and trends.


2. Conduct accurate brand positioning based on your target market and consumer needs.


3. Develop and execute specific brand strategy to communicate product benefit, brand value and shape brand recognition

Package Design

1. Design consistent with your product benefit and brand personality

Promotion Campaign

1. Create influential advertising campaigns and promotion campaigns to build a unique brand personality which wins the heart of your consumers.

Distribution Management

1. Distribution channel design according to your consumer behavior and trends,regions,competitors,sales volume,etc.


2. Help your distributors in their advertising campaigns and promotion activities.Support them by activity planning,subsidies measures,sales promotion packaging,etc.It helps your product grab more market share and be better recognized by consumers.


3. Conduct distributors training to help them understand your product benefit,brand concept and value.


Product service support:proper operation in handling product problems and customer complaints.

Food and Beverage Categories

Select category

Dairy Products

• Pure milk at room temperature and low temperature, flavored milk, and fermented m

• Low-temperature yoghurt and flavored yoghurt

Flavored Water Drinks

Western, Asian, European, African and other flavored water and soda drinks, mineral water, purified water and other projects.

Carbonated Drinks

• Cola, Sprite, Soda, Mirinda and other fruity carbonated drinks.

• Carbonated juice: orange juice, mango juice, peach juice and all sorts of fruit juices from Africa.

• Carbonated milk: original flavor and fruity flavors.

Juice Drinks

• All kinds of juices like orange juice, mango juice, pomegranate juice, cherry juice, peach juice, apple juice, etc., which juice contents range from 10% to 100%.

Tea Drinks

All sorts of fruit teas: RTD of tea and peach tea, original, fruity and juice tea products and milk tea products.

Functional Drinks

• Red Bull like flavored drinks

• Monster Energy like functional drinks

• Plant functional drinks

• Sports drinks

Our Strength
DrinkLab team is capable of customsing all sorts of products for our customers, our team has an ever expanding library of flavors and formulations, assisting start-ups, multinationals, or retailers, to formulate beverages and launch top quality drinks. We can offer launch ready products from this library, or we can customize a drink based on your needs.
Local Presence and workforce:
With an office away from China, and close to our clients and with localised workforce from consultants, sales, and customer service to the technical people, we are just a call away from all our clients’ sales and technical problems and these also means competitive pricing and lower cost to our customers.
Machinery Supply :
DrinkLab sister company Maticline specializes in all aspect of drinks and beverage machinery , from blow moulding machines, filling machines to labeling and packaging machines etc., this simply means you do not need to source from different places, thereby preventing interruptibility of production machinery and process challenges.

Cost Advantage:
Maticline DrinkLab can help you achieve maximum output with least cost by adopting high-quality raw materials from China and the simplest operation and processing methods. At DrinkLab the customer’s interests is paramount in our mind and we strive to offer exceIIent service.
Top Notch Team:
Among members of DrinkLab team are those engaged in products R&D of compound food additives, and the professional engineers who are constantly working to improve equipment and operational efficiency, also the senior management of DrinkLab team are all executives from large state-owned enterprises and large private enterprises in China, who have been engaged in technical research, and production management in food industry for a long time. They have rich practical experience and the ability to solve production problems.
Our Strength
We can help you embark on the planning and layout of your factory in any of the drink categories we stated above,
offering one-stop service from factory location, equipment selection and installation, process arrangement, procurement of raw materials and auxiliary materials, and organization of production. We can also offer technical training and on-site technical guidance to technicians in need. Other technical offering from us includes helping you adopt aII known quality control need in the factory like establishing quality control room (or inspection room) and offer all-round solution to solve quality management problems that could occur during the production.

Drinklab specializes in exporting food ingredients and related research & development services.

The main ingredients are partially as follows:

  • 1. Food Additives
  • 2. Flavoring Essence
  • 3. Compound Stabilizer
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